Time Line

Timeline from Abraham to Promised Land.

  1. Starting with the Exodus date of 1524 BC and adding 40 years to it gives us the year that Israel entered the Promised Land, being 1484 BC.
  2. Subtracting 400 years from the entrance to the Promised Land in 1484 BC we get a date when the covenant between Abraham and God was established being 1884 BC.
  3. Using the base date of the Exodus, we can subtract 80 years for Moses and two years for the Pharaoh, who did not know Joseph, giving us the date for Joseph’s death as 1606 BC.
  4. Subtracting 110 years for Joseph’s life found in Genesis 50:22 gives us Joseph’s birthday as 1716 BC.
  5. Joseph’s father, Jacob, at the time Joseph was born was 91 years old, so by subtracting 91 years, Jacob’s birth year is 1807 BC.
  6. Genesis 25:26 informs us that Isaac was 60 years old at Jacob’s birth, so Isaac’s birth year is 1867 BC.
  7. Abraham’s birth can be found in Genesis 21:5. Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born. This gives Abraham a birth date of 1967 BC.
  8. Abraham left Ur at 13 years old in 1954 BC found by subtracting 430 years from the exodus date 1524 BC found in Exodus 12:41

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