About Us

My name is Jeffrey Grimm and I’m the author of “Solar Eclipses in the Bible.”

I have been a student of the Bible and a follower of Jesus Christ for over 30 years. My wife, son, and I continually strive to become stronger in faith as we follow Jesus Christ together. I am a seeker of the truth; in other words, I want to know what the Bible says.

I worked in the aerospace industry for 20 years. I now work full time on the “Bible Eclipses” ministry.

The more I studied the Scripture and learned the laws of physics, which is a way to mathematically calculate the world that God made and governs, the more I realized how much God loves us!

Jeffrey Grimm is a Guest Speaker who volunteers his time to share the truth about solar eclipses in the Bible. He speaks at churches and universities. 

Email:   Mail@JeffreyGrimm.com