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The Astronomical Timeline Value to the Bible

The stars’ movements are predictable and calculatable, looking forward and backward in time, but human timelines can be shifted. No human can change the rotation of the stars, which makes the astronomical timeline incorruptible. On the other hand, the chronology of early humans is susceptible to personal opinion.

When historians pin events on a timeline, that event, for the most part, is compared and adjusted to other timelines. However, those other timelines can also be adjusted because few early historical events are set in stone.

The only way to have an accurate timeline is to use a timeline that cannot be manipulated. If one were to stop using a humanmade timeline and place events onto the astronomical timeline, one could be assured that the time is correct once the events line up. When Bible events are associated with set events on the astronomical timeline, such as solar eclipses, that event’s exact date will be found. This may make it inconvenient for historians who prefer to place events arbitrarily to advance some agenda, but once control is relinquished, accurate dates and times can be discovered. There is no way for a person to shift the solar eclipse to a time of their choosing. They are stuck with the calculations, for it is a non-changing timeline of the stars with no gaps or pauses but can be played forward or backward with the same results. Historians can adjust dates and events to pursue a favored timeline, but the stars’ timeline never changes.

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